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Solid Mask Stick Bundle

Solid Mask Stick Bundle

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Solid Mask Stick Bundle (exclusive 25% discount)

In the bundle you will receive all four variants of the Solid Mask Sticks for optimal skin care at the absolute offer price for the price of just three mask sticks. You get 4 revolutionary and new skin care products for the price of 3.

Our Solid Mask Sticks are not just masks, but the embodiment of beauty care in a handy form. Each stick is unique and offers a specific benefit for your skin.

🌸 Pink (youthful & elastic): For skin that radiates and remains youthfully elastic, our Pink Solid Mask Stick is your companion. Maintain your youth by pampering your skin with revitalizing active ingredients.

💜 Purple (improved acne skin): Acne is history! With our Purple Solid Mask Stick you can improve your acne skin and say goodbye to blemishes. Enjoy smoother, clearer skin.

⚫ Black (soothing & reducing redness): Sensitive skin? Our black solid mask reduces redness and soothes irritated areas so you feel comfortable in your skin.

🍃 Green (anti-inflammatory & anti-wrinkle): Discover the power of green tea extracts! Our green solid mask stick has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces wrinkles to revitalize your skin. The mask in stick form also offers intensive, deep cleansing of the pores for clear and refreshed skin.

Each stick is your solution for radiant and healthy skin. Experience beauty care in a practical pen format that pampers your skin with love and care. Treat yourself to the best your skin deserves! ✨🌿

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