Lissabon - eine Stadt voller Charme und Geschichte

Lisbon - a city full of charm and history

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a beautiful city with a rich history and culture. The city is one of the oldest cities in Europe and offers its visitors a variety of cultural and historical sights as well as breathtaking architecture.

One of the most famous attractions in Lisbon is undoubtedly the Jerónimos Monastery, which dates back to the 16th century and is an example of the Manueline style. The monastery houses the tombs of famous Portuguese figures such as Vasco da Gama, who discovered India, and Luís de Camões, a famous Portuguese poet. The monastery is a must-see when visiting Lisbon.

The Alfama, Lisbon's oldest district, is another popular tourist destination. The district's narrow streets are filled with restaurants, bars and shops where you can buy Portuguese specialties and souvenirs. Over the centuries, the Alfama has changed little and remains an important part of Lisbon's cultural identity.

Another highlight is the Torre de Belém. It is a 16 meter high tower built in the 16th century to protect the city from enemy attacks and as a symbol of Portuguese national pride. The tower is a perfect example of the Manueline style and offers breathtaking views over the city from the top.

Last but not least, Lisbon offers a diverse culinary scene. In most restaurants you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood freshly caught from the Atlantic. There are also numerous bakeries in Lisbon where you should definitely try the famous Pastéis de Nata. These are sweet, crispy puff pastry pies filled with cinnamon and vanilla custard cream.

Overall, Lisbon is a city full of charm and history that is definitely worth visiting. The combination of stunning sights, delicious food and hospitable locals makes Lisbon a special place not to be missed.
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